This is a portal into the realm of energetic medicine for the rapidly evolving and growing "New Economy". Here you can learn about the ancient science and practice of Qigong. Have access to Medical Qigong Therapy. Connect with artists, spiritual entrepreneurs and shop for the tools and resources to keep you and your community feeling young, balanced, healthy and in your creative flow state.

Hi... my name is David, life took on a whole new understanding and meaning for me after I had a near death experience in 2011. Never did I think in a million years I would learn ancient mind-body practices and discover an approach to life that science is now proving to heal almost any dis-ease. I have dedicated my life to the spiritual path in service to helping the community and planet prosper as we evolve into new paradigms of life on Earth. Blessings ~ Qidreamer

Medical Qigong Classes for the 21st Century

Medical Qigong Treatments, Coaching & Community Clinic

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